Mah #BADInfluence (part 2)

I guess the name ERICA is not something new to my readers anymore. She's my #BADInfluence (read part 1)!

As you all know, I had completed my foundation studies, so I am now home in Malaysia enjoying my 2 months' of summer holiday.

I went down to KL for a few weeks and also caught up with Erica 2 times. The first time was short because she's meeting her boyfriend and I felt awkward mingling around with them, I don't want to be a "lightbulb". I went for a sleepover at her house the 2nd time. And we went to 1 Utama for shopping!

Warning: Selca loaded blog post for this update! (and NO MAKEUP) ==''''

Outfit of the day #ootd

With Erica in 1 Utama washroom ><

Later we went to Candilicious (not sure if it's spelt like that). We went if for nearly 20 minutes, we didn't buy anything at all and yet we selca A LOT in there!

#1 Pink "shit" with hearts LOL!

#2 Mad love this comfy lolli!








#10 She secretly set this photo as my iPhone backgrounds. THICK SKIN TO THE MAX! And even asked me not to change back to Yong Hwa and Keun Suk oppa's photos *facepalm*

#11 Trademark T-rex pose that me and Erica invented.


#13 First time seeing Erica with a cap, she looks like a 10 year old kid x)


#15 I imitated the flirty "face" of the M&M plushie after Erica failed her attempt!

#16 I'm never a big fan of choco like Erica!





#21 Can I buy these 2 back to Melbourne??

#22 Mad love the pink "ice cream" 




You think this is the end? Looking around there's nothing cute left for us to selca, we headed for ToysRUs! HAHA!

#26 Another cutie!





#31 I told Erica that thing looks exactly like the way she sleeps everyday ROFL!

#32 Stingray on head!

#33 Erica said she's a big fan of playdough... 


I saw super adorable collectible items! TAH DAH~




#38 Miss Erica, the cuties inside the glass are WAY cuter than you, don't try to act cute anymore alright? 

#39 Regarding this photo, Erica said, "OH MY GOD, Fion, you are such a poser!" >< I wonder is that a compliment or an insult? @@

#40 Look at THAT face!

#41 Look at THAT face AGAIN! LMAO! According to Erica, I look like "manga girl" in this photo...where did that come from xD


#43 We finally got a picture of it spinning! YAY!

After we were done with ToysRUS, we went down to have dinner with Erica's mom. 



After dinner, Erica and I went to the game arcade! It's really fun over there until we forgot to take any photos in there. I lost to her in the car-racing game. And we tried to dance to Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" on a dancing machine, but we failed. MORON US!

I told her I wanted to treat her a candy floss but she went to pay for it WTH!




We went to a RM4.99 shop after that. Saw a leopard print gigantic pouch but I FORGOT to buy it after I went out to throw away the remaining candy floss....SO SAD!

#49 Erica said she is as cute as that and demanded a photo!

#50 I fell in love with this iPhone jet plug immediately when I saw it. Was a bit reluctant to buy because I still have CNBlue + Jang Keun Suk oppa's jet plugs coming.

BUT, my #BADInfluence started nagging me, "OMG Fion, buy it, it's there for YOU to buy! Since it's the last one, it's meant for YOU!" (this girl really knows me well, typically my obsession with guitars, nobody knows me more than her)

In the end, I bought it! :p

Still madly in love with it!

#51 We wanted a "couple" iPhone skin, but Erica went for the horse one and I don't like that. I told her that skin looks like the paintings people put in the coffee shops saying 马到功成 or 客似云来...that kind of paintings. She whacked me! ><''



Since she paid for that candy floss, I offered to pay for her phone's skin ^^

Gonna miss this crazy girl A LOT~ She's the only person who can selca unconditionally and unlimitedly with me....Nobody beats her in this aspect!

Can't wait to see her when I get back in Melbourne :3