Mah #BADInfluence (part 3)

If you are wondering why I have a hashtag on my title, I recommend you read PART 1 & PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'm actually in a VERY busy situation right now. Ever since I got back in Malaysia, apart from going up and down Penang and KL, most of the time I slack at home, watching PPS. However, now that the CNY holidays are approaching, many of my friends are coming back from their "kampung ulu" (which means suburb areas, because the government institutions are there) then I suddenly realise that my slacking at home time shall be reduced. Problematic issue is that it's hard to match the time to get everyone to meet because some friends still have to go to school, therefore the only solution is to squeeze all meetups during weekends. Curse weekends, why you only have 2 days!!!! ><

Okay let's get back to the topic, enough of my blabbering...

Initially I didn't intend to write about this = Part 3 because I was planning to write something else, which IMO is interesting >< BUT, since my beloved #addiction DAPHNEFROGGY gave me this kind of reaction (as below) regarding my I-personally-think-this-makes-me-rightful-for-not-blogging-for-a-day-but-actually-it-is-not reason, and SINCE I felt guilty, I decided to blog, even though I really want to sleep at this moment! ROFL!

Anyway, as I said in my previous post, I went to Erica's house for sleepover, and then here's how we spent the 2nd day of the sleepover, as in how we spent the time after we woke up :p

That night we watched "Wild Child" till 3.30am :p I slept till 9.30am and had everything done but my #BADInfluence was still sleeping. I tried to wake her up by kicking+beating her ass and also shaking the bed intending to create an earthquake but she still couldn't wake up. So I waited for her, till 10.45am I pulled her out of the bed. 

After breakfast, we spent the whole afternoon watching TV. Literally whole afternoon. We watched Step Up 4, Madagascar 3 and also High School Musical 3. What kind of slacking life is that !?!?

In the middle of that, something extraordinary happened~~


Thanks to Erica, though it was a bit messy because she did it without a comb ><

We went to FAT BOYS for dinner at Publika!!! ONE OF THE BEST BURGERS I HAVE EVER EATEN!!! Now I can understand why Erica is so fanatic about their burgers ^^

I love their wall deco, doesn't that remind you of my blog background? hehe xD

It's practically full of people that night!


I asked to cut the burger into half because I will never be able to finish the whole thing so I shared it with my mom. 


Went to SS2 for dessert. This is Kiwi Sago! <3 

I finally made Erica have a taste of Kiwi, this weird girl doesn't eat fruits, except for apples =='' Out of my expectation, she said this thing was good. 

Fun Fact #1: When we were living in the hostel, we always quarreled over fruits. Because Alanis, Carol and I would be always forcing her to eat fruits/vege or else she ought to wash all our dishes after dinner xD

Ignore my face, with 0 makeup! :/

Erica gave me a couple bracelet!! WOOHOO! My very first skull accessory! 

I actually wanted to buy the exact same one when we were at 1 Utama but she said she would give me one!

Fun Fact #2: Blue and pink are our trademark pairing colours. Blue represents me; pink is for her, like DUH~!

Purposely taking photos to show off our couple bracelets to Carol and Alanis through whatsapp to make them jealous WTH! HAHA!

That's all for today, I'm starting my hectic schedule for continuously 2 days from tomorrow onwards. Meeting MANY friends in just 2 days! Now I feel like a celebrity rushing around to meet people ><

BTW, I'm finally meeting Nicole Chang, one of my favourite bloggers on Sunday, I'm hyped!! She's going to pass me something awesome, will blog about it after 1 week, I promised. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts, because we tend to selca A LOT during meetups haha :p


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