This video is dedicated to those who all sincerely changed their Facebook profile photos to a total black one. You guys have my respect.

I am NOT ALLOWED to write much, if not I would have written a bunch of things talking shit here. Because who knows some moron will come and arrest me through my blog. The curry rice that they provide in prison surely sucks a lot. So, I rather not get myself into any unnecessary trouble by NOT pinpointing anything (although I really really feel like it).


Thank you :3

I chose this outfit for the shooting because it's one of Michael Jackson's famous song called THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US. And I felt that it's really really suitable for the current situation of my country. Watch the MV below, I guarantee you can totally relate!

On the other hand, the iPhone case is a Korea flag, is also specially selected for today because it symbolizes that I feel so disgraced until I don't even wanna wave my own country's flag. Yes, I am disappointed.
That's why I will continue to love KOREA, JAPAN and TAIWAN like there's no tomorrow. Now you get why I am biased?!

Anyway, I just hope that it will plaster a smile on your face in this kind of rotten days.

Peace and Love xoxo

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  1. Wow, you are my new favorite blogger! Went through some of your posts & find you interesting. Will visit often for updates :D