Coordinates that were forgotten

I just realised the last time I posted up a #OOTD post was in May!!!


To be honest, taking #OOTD photos are really not a habitual thing for me to do. Well, there are several reasons behind that...

1. I don't really dress up for school. Usually I just put on my jeans and throw on a random Tee that I choose according to my mood of the day. End of story. I don't mnake up at all.

2. I don't have the big ass full body mirror.

3. By the time I come back from school, my phone is usually dead. I used up its battery scrolling Instagram whole day.

4. I'm just lazy. (ps: I guess this is the MOST convincing reason).

Anyway, I was scrolling my phone the other day and I discovered that I actually have quite a few #OOTD photos that are enough for me to come up with a blog post. goes :p

I promise I will TRY to take more #OOTD photos after my exams :p You know the pre-exam period is the grumpy period and who the hell has the mood to dress up nicely!

Coordinate #1

Bag from Rubi (I'm forever using this since I bought it)
Velvet leggings from eBay
Michael Jackson tee from Bangkok
Michael Jackson jacket (you can't see) from Ponte 16's Michael Jackson Gallery, Macau

Coordinate #2

Oversized off shoulder top from Factorie, Docklands
Shorts from Ice, Docklands
Leggings from Giordano

Coordinate #3

Cardigan from Cotton On
Top from JayJays
Jeans from Applemint

Coordinate #4

Top was a present from mom's friend
Shorts from Valleygirl, Docklands

Coordinate #5

Top from T-Bar, Docklands
Denim from I forgot where

Coordinate #6

Top from Taobao

Coordinate #7

Simpsons oversized boyfriend tee from Taobao
Shorts given by my mom

Coordinate #8

Official CN Blue Blue Moon Concert Tee from KpopMart
Leggings from Thailand

Coordinate #9

Top was given by mom's friend
White inner tank top from CocoLatte, Melbourne Central
Leggings from Bangkok

Coordinate #10

Denim Jacket from Taiwan
Bag, Tee & Galaxy Leggings from Bangkok
Silver sneakers from Reebok

Coordinate #11

Jacket from Bangkok
Simpsons crop tee from Taobao
Shorts from Bangkok

Coordinate #12

Flower jacket from Valleygirl, Docklands
Tank Top from JayJays
Shorts from Icy, Docklands
Leggings from Giordano

Coordinate #13

Peace logo Top from Factorie (this is one of my favourites but I don't think its quality will give the top a long lifespan....)
Shorts from Ice, Docklands
Leggings from Giordano

Coordinate #14

Jacket from Sungei Wang, KL
Top (inside you can't really see) from T-Bar, Docklands
Denim (can't see) and I forgot where it's from

That's all for today.

Mind to tell me which coordinate is your favourite? :p 

This is a scheduled post, by the time you are reading this, I'm in an awfully stressed out mood because of my exams! Will be back to normal soon and I will be having a random crap Vlog out :p HAHAHAH!!

Also, there will be nice blog posts coming AFTER exams ^^ 

I'm preparing for a giveaway soon for Xmas!!! 

Make sure you stay with me!! HAHA


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Pre-Exam Phobia Starts Its Engine....Again

Sorry for the lack of updates lately....My finals are starting on Friday!! 


I'm constantly in a grumpy mood right now, I'm just trying to calm myself down and act all happy-go-luckyy so I won't go around smashing things and even burning my lecture notes and books >M< 

My best medicine is this!!

This girl never fails to cheer me up. Just by looking at her smile and comical facial expressions will make my mood better! This is a new Taiwanese Drama called JUST YOU 就是要你爱上我 starring Aaron Yan and Puff Kuoh! WATCH IT! I've recommended this drama to my #addiction and my bestie and they are now busy watching it HAHA! I'm a good promoter! To be an even BETTER promoter, here's the official Youtube channel.

By the way, can someone tell me SHOULD I buy this necklace?! It's from the drama! I love that girl's character LIANG  LIANG so much! Kinda start to miss her already because the drama is coming to an end, planning to buy this necklace which she always wears in the drama. Will it suit me?!!?! Since I'm not so adorable like her...Still I find this necklace CUTE! Any advice PLEASE!!! 

Anyway, I have a feeling that I will be having PAPER PHOBIA soon~ My whole room is full of papers: lecture notes, books, post-it notes, bullshit papers, tutorial sheets.....DAMN!!!

Seriously, studying makes people grumpy! Sometimes I wonder if this is the right thing to do, but oh well...You know how cruel and realistic the world is. How can you survive without a University certificate.

My exam is starting on this coming Friday! FML!

Business Law on Friday
Accounting Process and Analysis on Monday
Organizational Behaviour on Tuesday
Business Finance on Thursday


I'm going to take a shower to calm myself down and continue with  my studies! 

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